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Advanced Surf Pack - Perfomance Surfing


Advanced - description

an ADVANCED rider is a surfer who can paddle out alone to a surf spot he/she has never ridden, assess the lineup, and catch and ride waves to his/her choice of finish, confidently using a full range of turns in a distinctive, effective style. 

Advanced - Goals

- Predict surf conditions at different surf breaks taking weather, tide, and land formations into consideration;

- Select a surfing location for the advanced surfer;

- Identify surf safety issues for the advanced surfer;

- How to negotiate larger waves;

- How to finish your ride on closing out and closed out waves;

- How to conserve energy;

- Different types of take-offs to help you catch waves;

- Using gravity and g-forces to control your board;

- Techniques to generate speed and power;

- Customise surfboards to suit your style and prevailing surf conditions;

- Surfing safety.

Perform and link surfing manoeuvres on forehand and backhand:

-Rail-to-rail manoeuvres;

-Stall ( to position one's self deeper in the tube or to position one's self in a more critical section of the wave in      order to launch a maneuver like a re-entry or aerial.);

-Snap-Vertical re-entry-Floater-Roundhouse cutback;

-Late take-off-Backdoor take-off-Tube ride;

-Experience surfing at a beach break, reef break, point break, river mouth break.

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