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Beginner Surf Pack - Surf and Fun


Beginner - description

a BEGINNER surfer is a surfer who can paddle out alone to a surf spot he/she has never ridden, assess the lineup, and catch and ride waves to his/her choice of finish, confidently using a full range of turns in a distinctive, effective style. 

Beginner - Goals


- Introduction to surf equipment and gear;


- Safety issues;


- How to position yourself on the board and how to paddle, handle, and sit on the board;


- How to clear the breaking zone and deal with white water;


- Priority rules;


- Initiation to take-off techniques (standing on the board);


- Take-off timing;


Prepare yourself for the next level, green waves surfing:

- Line-up positioning;

- Start surfing waves before they break;

- Start surfing green waves in safety and with some control;

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