BUY BACK PROGRAM - New and Used surfboards 


Only selected boards are eligible for the our “BUY BACK” Program”

The SALTY WAVE SURF SHOP "Buy Back Program" is a great and a particularly useful money-saving alternative to renting a surfboard for any visiting and traveling surfers. Renting a surfboard costs around 120 € a week. So, if you want to rent for 3 weeks that costs you around 360 € and so on. Instead, buy a new surfboard, let’s say 350 € for a new surfboard, use it for 3 weeks (or the time you want for the minimum 2 weeks and maximum of 60 days), bring it back and we'll give you 135 € (HALF OF THE PRICE (minus Portuguese sales tax)). If you keep it for 3 weeks, that is the equivalent of 72 € a week for a board. And if you fall in love with it, you have the option to keep it and take it back home with you. If you buy the fins, leash, and bag (accessories) for the board we will buy them back as well on the same conditions. You can bring your own fins and leash from home.



Only selected boards and accessories are eligible for our “BUY BACK” Program”


Buy a used board from us and we will buy it back for 60% less than what you paid assuming you return it in the same condition and within less than 60 days of the purchase date.

You also can also rent or buy the board online before your trip, just send us a email.

We will store it for you at are shop and have it here for you when you arrive.



SALTY WAVE SURF SHOP will purchase the board and accessories that you originally purchased from SALTY WAVE SURF SHOP, for a maximum of half of the final purchase price (minus Portuguese sales tax). This is if the board is in original, or close to original state and condition as when originally purchased from SALTY WAVE SURF SHOP. We do not “BUY BACK” accessories only. Invoice of the board and accessories mandatory for “BUY BACK”

If the board is in less than original purchase condition, we will adjust the price accordingly.

In the case of damage or dings that deteriorate the value of the board or accessories, we will buy it back at a lower price to cover the amount for repairs and to reflect the diminished value of the board and accessories but depending on the size of the damage(s) SALTY WAVE SURF SHOP reserves the right to refuse to purchase back the board and is under no obligation to do so. When buying the surfboard, the shop will provide the client with chart ding’s sizes and price of each so the client has all the info. We do not accept board that were not fixed buy our shop, if you fix or ask anyone to fix any ding the “BUY BACK” option will be cancelled.

You must return to the board to the physical store SALTY WAVE SURF SHOP to be eligible for the buy back.


Only selected boards are eligible for the SALTY WAVE SURF SHOP “BUY BACK” Program”.


When returning your “BUY BACK” board expect it to take about 20 to 30 minutes. We don’t accept boards with wax, please scrap off the wax beforehand.