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Praia da Luz is a truly beautiful location located in the south coast of Algarve and a premier tourist destination in Portugal. There are cafés, restaurants and bars lining the beach promenade. Praia da Luz surf works mainly with SE swell “levante” or when it is a big W or WNW swell “mar de fora”, the swells in Luz are very unpredictable, but don’t worry you can stay in Luz rent with us and surf everywhere as soft roof racks for your car are included and you don’t need to drive more than 20 min to surf if there are no waves in Luz 😊.

It is almost a necessity when coming down to the Algarve that you jump in the water and experience the Portuguese world-class waves for yourself. If you are a tourist or don’t have a board of your own, this is where we come in. We provide high quality surfboard hire and surf equipment. Hire equipment includes:

  • Surfboards - Mini Mals - Longboards - Bodyboards - Wetsuits - Snorkeling - Lockers.

We also provide LOCKERS if you want to rent and surf in Luz for a short period of time,ensuring that your possessions are kept safe while you are catching up some waves and having fun! As we are located next to the beach making our services extremely convenient.

We provide softops surfboards for complete beginners all the way up to hardboards of all sort of sizes, so rest assured no matter what your skill level we have the right equipment for you. Our staff are experts with years of experience surfing. They can help you choose the board that’s right for you, answer any questions you have and even give you some pointers. After all, many of our staff are surfing coaches. You won’t find these unique services at Praia da Luz.

If you are a total beginner, we advise you to have at least one surf lesson with us before renting, surfing is a very demanding activity and we are here to help you so don’t hesitate and book a surf lesson with us to learn the basics and from there we promise that you will have much more fun by yourself.

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